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Linda Hiine
Hi Debbie great fan of your work. when are going to do master classes in South Africa?

Hi Debbie, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the workshop on Saturday. Really enjoyed meeting you in the flesh as I absolutely love your cakes and have been buying your books for years. My daughters loved the cake we made and will share it with their friends at school on Monday.

Hi Debbie, big fan like all the others. Do you have further details about coming to Weymouth UK in 2015? How does one book? Thanks Susie


Love ur work Debbie. When will u come to Dubai :)

Will be back in 2015 for sure, with Cake Box organising the classes.  Hope to see you in the future :)


hi debbie i enjoy your work im doing a toy story cake and making woody i have used a lollipop stick for support, can i take that out or leave it in when its dry please im not sure what to do i dont want it to collapse, many thanx kel by the way it will be a cake topper i will put on a bed cake. - Best to keep the lolly stick inside, it'll hold the figure together.  I leave some protruding from the bottom to stick into the cake, this helps figures to stand up :) - I usually leave the lolly stick in, it helps with support so you are correct :)  Tell your customer what you have done so they know something food safe but inedible is inside the figure :)


Hi Debbie, your cakes are fab and great to follow. I'd like to make the fairy toadstool cake made with a 1litre bowl but as it's for a party, I don't know how many portions it would make. If possible could you let me know? Also, I think it would be really helpful to include how many portions individual cakes would make. Thank you very much.

Hi Kenelma, I don't usually include a servings chart as portion sizes are different around the world.  For the UK, this particular design would serve 15-20.


Hi debbie i love your work have just done the teddy cake from your book baby cakes for a christening and and it went down a storm so good they didnt want to cut it i would like to send a picture but i am not on face book. Also when is your next book? -  Hopefully by the end of 2014 or definitely 2015, so busy travelling and teaching at the moment :)

Hi Muriel, hopefully a new title will be released 2015.  I'm busy with other projects at the moment :)  Thank you for your interest! x

Kemmy soleye
Debbie, i really cherish and adore all your cake designs. Believe me, you are my inspiration in cake making. Thumb up

mrs. debbie i would like to know, how can you make a cake mix somewhat like a box mix. i use pound cake everytime a bake a cake. i like it. i just want to have that softest to it. not the pound all the time. thank you, - Just reduce some of the flour, this will make the cake lighter :)


I really adore Debbie Brown the prettiest cake.. I can't imagine how could u make that. Could I buy ur cake from Indonesia? I wish I could.....

Please make a trip to Saudi Arabia, Debbie!

Megan - Sweet by Nature
Can't wait to do your course here in Melbourne - I am booked it for the bride and groom in the car topper! We love your work here and have learned so much from the courses, and of course your books! Thanks Debbie, you are a legend :) Megan


Hi, I'm from Colombia and I love your work. Unfortunately buying a book on Amazon for my country, is something that comes very expensive and so I'd like to ask if you do online tutorials and when your going to publish your books on Kindle edition? I will love Naughty Cakes on Kindle!! Thank you very much for share your work.

I plan to write some online tutorials in the future.  You can order books through as this company have my titles discounted and send with free worldwide shipping :)

Your cakes are really unbelievable....masterpieces! Zuzana from Slovakia

Love all your cake and your work, you are really blessed.  I wish I can tap some of your ideas they are really all beautiful. Just to let you know you have an fan here in Houston Texas USA.

I am just a beginner, but I'm looking forward to attending your course on January 27 in Genoa .. in the meantime, happy holidays and see you soon!!!

I love your Works!!!! Just wanna let u know that you have a Big Fan in Austria!!!

Your cakes are awesome. Looking forward to join your online tutorials.

I have made many of your cakes (not as good as yours) and have had lots of comments. Your cakes are truly amazing. I was lucky to see you when you were touring in NZ. Will there be a Xmas book that you have talked about ?

Jayne Baratta
Hi Debbie, Thank you for the amazing Ganesh figurine class you taught at Whimsical Cakehouse. I had the best day and learnt so many tricks about achieving the finer details on sugar figurines. Wish I could have done more of your Sydney classes on this trip to Australia. Guess I will have to eagerly a wait your next trip to Australia. Regards, Jayne Baratta

will you come to greece sometime? i hope so, i love your work!!!

Elizabeth Bryke
Hi Debbie! I just wanted to say that you are amazing!!! I see here on this site that many other people have said this as well. I feel that to me, you are the most treasured sugar artist in my heart. The tiny small details and emotional expressions on your figures give a life to the scenes you shed light on. These are emotional cakes. Well done. Love, Elizabeth

Your cakes are amazing!! Wish u had classes in Canada too!! Also your site is beautiful :) I find so many other cake sites use so much javascript it wont load!


Yolanda aka
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the class. You made everything seem very easy. I'm so glad I decided to attend. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

I am looking forward to your class in MA in a couple of weeks. Have a safe journey! evelyn

Looks like I'm soon to be joining your Merry band of followers. Have been greatly encouraged by so many wonderful comments, just waiting to hear what news of online tutorials.

Lovely to meet you yesterday and I'm delighted with the new book! Many thanks.

Please make a trip to Dubai Debbie....

Hi Debbie, I'm really glad write to you, I hope that soon you come to Madrid, to give us a piece of all your art !!!

Shirley Freeborn
I have made cakes for many years having had to teach myself. However I came across some of Debbie's books in our book stores and was sold on her creations. They have inspired me so much and I have started getting many cake orders. Thank you Debbie and keep the books coming, Soon I will have all of them. Shirley South Africa

Sue Shaw
I usually make cupcakes, but have ordered my first book of yours. Can't wait for it to arrive...I really need to have a go at making that gorgeous carriage, come to Devon please!

Jenny Prideaux
What a truly awesome cake designer. I have all of Debbie's books and constantly refer to them for inspiration. Lovely lady too !!

Shital Patel
Hi Debbie, I am a huge fan of your books and also you are my inspiration. I now make some cakes at home for my children. I missed your demonstration in Farnham. It would be my greatest dream come true to learn from you.

Une vraie magicienne ...... Bravo !

Angie Jay
You need to come & run a course in south island of NZ :)

Huda I.Y.K.
Debbie you made my day today when you emailed me back I think I'm going to print out the emails hang them up haha .. Seriously! I think it would be great if you made purchasable online tutorials and downloadable versions of your books for people like me that are from places which have strict shipping regulations on certain items, like the naughty cakes and let us not forget how costly it is to ship! Please continue inspiring us, to people like me you are a great artist!

You should come visit New Zealand and do some masterclasses when you come!

Mandy Nel
I am now the proud owner of 5 Debbie Brown books and I am in awe of the wonderful work - Debbie, you are my muse! I would've LOVED to come to Cape Town to take part in your course, but alas time and money were against me, so I have invested in the books instead and am slowly working my way up to mastering the art. Thank you for your inspiration, and thank you that even us living in remote little places can have access to your tuition. Schweeet wishes from my kitchen to yours! Mandy Nel :-)

tanya Mcfadden
OMG Debbie came to Perth in Australia, she is such a master to watch and if you can go to one of her classes you will not be dissapointed absolutely amazing!! Thank you I really enjoyed my day and my daughter loved you as well thank you for sharing your talent!! xxxooo Tanya

celia Perez
Love your work when can u come to Usa, Florida so I can take ur class. I would love to learn more like u have a book that has little red riding hood on it itry to order it an it was on back order I really would love it if u can find the time to make a trip to Florida plzz let me know I will have people that also would love ur talent so we can b inspired! !! Ur admirer. Celia

Michaela Harris
Just beautiful work! Incredibly inspiring....and really clear instructions too! Hoping to do one of your workshops very soon.

Debra J. Mosely
Debbie Brown is the queen when it comes to making incredible cakes that take your breath away. I'm inspired by her elaborate designs and will always be grateful to her for sharing her incredible talent with the rest of us.

chara antoniou
Dear Debbie, you are the best for me .......... I had the sweetest tutorials with you. I am inspired from your beautiful cakes and I try my best to make people happy as you make me with my creations.....thanks for everything but most of all thank you for encouraging me!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!

You really are creative and talented. Happy to have you as a mentor. Hope to meet you someday soon.

Your books are wonderful. Thank you.

You inspire me to be better. Thank for sharing your talent with the world!

Mary Berry

Brilliant!  Leaves everyone else in the dust. :o)

sue rudge
I think your new book is your best to date, every cake is just lovely so a big thank you for such an amazing book specially the cats and the two peas in a pod xx

lynn lowe
Debbie, You never fail to inspire me, I have all your books, keep up the good work. xx

hi ms. debbie hope i can have a copy of all of your books..thanks for inspiring a lot of people..God bless

Blanca Estela Ruiz V
Debbie I can't wait to have your new book !!!! See you in Mexico City

Pat Orton
I have attended 3 of Debbie's workshops in her studio and found them fun and entertaining as well as educational. When I attended the first workshop, I was a green newbie and very nervous. Debbie has such a calming character, that I felt at ease in a very short time. And the chocolate shortcake that she served us midmorning is to die for! I have now been making cakes for a few years, and with Debbie's inspiration and the use of her books, I feel like an old hand! But you are never to old to learn, and we learn every day. I'm looking forward to her last two books (to make up the collection!)

I absolutely love your books! I spend ages reading them and love the details. The designs are very inspirational and have helped me develop my cake decorating skills, as I am completely self-taught. Thank you for putting such effort into your books.

Adriana J
Debbie you are such a wonderful person, love your cakes, love your classes, you make magic with your hands. I can wait to see you next year in Mexico.

Debbie your new page is Great, Congratssssssssssssss, thank you for being A Great Person and teaching me so many things, sincerely Claudia M ,(Mx)

I started making cakes just over a year ago and the first book I purchased was your favourite character cake book to make the postman Pat cake. Had great difficulty but thanks to your instructions and photos I survived. Many cakes and books later I have just got the enchanting magical cakes book and can't wait to do one of the projects. Thanks so much for not putting me off a fantastic hobby that is providing lovely memories for friends and family when they get a special cake.

Frances Montalvo
Ms. Debbie is the BEST CAKE ARTIST I ever see. I follow her job and her books for many years. I learned a lot techniques for her books, easy to follow and results are AWESOME. Thanks Ms. Debbie for your job and for share your talent!!

Grinne Mac Clancy
I had the great pleasure of hosting Debbie Brown for three Masterclasses in Dublin, Ireland in May, 2011. Three days of pure magic! Looking forward to hosting you again in April, 2011. A pre booking list of names has already started!

Diana Davis
I just returned from Cake Camp in Las Vegas where I had the extraordinary good fortune of taking the "Funky Fairy Model" class with the incomparable Debbie Brown. She is one of the most delightful (lovely, I should say) people one could ever hope to meet. Debbie, your patience, good humor and superior teaching skills allowed us to "make magic" with our hands. Thank you! I'm looking forward to your new book and to taking additional classes with you in the future! : ) All the best from the States, Diana

icaro castro
I have no words to say how much I'm a fan of debbie, wonderful person, sadly did not have many classes with her, learn a lot from her books and tips. I wish her all the luck in the world with her wonderful work I hope to return to do more lessons soon big hug Icaro Castro

Amazing !!! She is really an artist. I bought almost all her books! Her work is my inspiration! I hope she comes to teach in Brasil some day..

Teresa Fletcher
I love Debbie Brown she is my idol, her books are fantastic but what would be great is a book on novelty christmas cakes!!

Chinh Tran
Debbie Brown's books are truly amazing. I bought one of her books and couldn't stop!! She is an amazing cake decorator and artist. Her books far outshine the rest by far, with her beautiful creations and vivid imagination, she never ceases to amaze me. I hope one day to be able to sit in on one of her masterclasses when she comes to my town. Thank you Debbie Brown, you are truly an inspiration :)

Tina Hartley
Thank you Debbie for sending me a copy of 'Children's Character Cakes' in record time (all the way to New Zealand in one week)! Your book is stunning. Thomas looks amazing and I am looking forward to the challenge! My daughter has already put an order in for the Rainbow Magic Castle for her next birthday. Cheers Tina

Stef Lee
Debbie is my cake hero!

Priscila Alexandrino
Seus bolos so esculturadas belissimas que inspira qualquer pessoa a fazer um bolo, pena que nunca fica igual ao dela

Debbie, I have admired your work for a long time, can't wait to meet you in Dublin in May...

Blanca Estela Ruiz V
Debbie It was really nice to have you in Mexico City last year, now you are going to San Antonio, Texas USA. For me it is going to be a pleasure to see you again and learn more from you. See you soon and you are the best teacher I ever had in cake decorating. Blanca Estela

Mazmin Shariff
Debbie, I really admire u n ur work and I hope that I can meet you one day, if u happens to visit Malaysia. Between u and the Queen of England, I would rather, rather (100 times more) want to meet u and see u make ur wonderful sugar work!

Lucienne Ellis
A truly inspirational cake maker... oh to have an ounce of her talent!

Grace Stevens
The first Cake decorating book I ever bought was one of Debbie Brown's books. I was determined to make something that looked half as lovely as one of her cakes. She continues to inspire me and I really love how versatile she is. Thank you Debbie for all you have done for sugar craft.

Lidia Iancu
Once I put my first order in Global Sugar Art for molds and crafting "helpers" I've noticed one of your books. Ordered it right away and could not wait to receiving it. It's a long way from USA to Romania!!! When I've got it I could not do anything else for the next three days, but studying it. I would definitely love to see you at work one day. Thank you so much for the lovely work you do!

Lorraine McKay
Debbie Brown is a shopper's best friend...always encouraging other people to buy new handbags and shoes...always sharing Starbucks when required and being a good listening ear when it comes to!...I mean CHAT! Debbie Brown also makes exceedingly good cakes (a statement stolen by the Kiplings I do believe!) WHAT DO YOU MEAN these comments aren't suitable for the website?? They are the troof, ain't they? Innit! xxx

Sereen Homsi
Simply the Best!

Lourdes Reyes
Debbie is THE TEACHER besides THE ARTIST. I have learned so much from her in the classes as well as in her books. I love her.

Debbie Hughes
Have all of Debbie Brown's books and find them all so very beautifully done and easy to follow instructions. I have contacted Debbie on a few occasions for advice on things and she is always eager and willing to address my issues. Love all of her work, she is so creative!!!

Claudia Hurt
Debbie creates magic with her techniques. Her cakes instructions are easy to follow and the results are amazing. I use her books to inspire my pastry students as well. Thank you for sharing and for fun classes.

Shaazy Mariyam
A wonderful cake decorator who generously shares her amazing talent to anyone anywhere! She is my inspiration... I wish I could see her in PERSON!

Kathy Newport
Debbie's Wallace and Gromit book was the start of my career in cakes. Her books and classes have inspired me with everything from mermaids to swamp monsters and everything in between. Her designs are inspired - my shelves are groaning under the weight of her brilliant books - can't wait for the next.

Lyndsay Zoratti
Debbie is forefront with her talent to design cakes and create unique techniques for all artisans wanting to make that special cake. Debbie brings a whimsy yet romantic beauty to all her work and is truly my inspiration, that learned from Deb, will be passed down by me through my traditions for generations to come. Thanks Deb xox

Charlotte Leigh Shaw
Debbie Brown is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person. Her work is inspiring and she generously shares herself and her talent.

Debbie Senior
Debbie's the reason I make cakes today, always easy to understand instructions to make a masterpiece!

Sarah-Jane Wicks
Debbie- such a wonderfully warm and generous teacher. Totally humble and willing to impart her knowledge. A great inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talents!

Yolande Stanley
Debbie has non-stop manic imagination, I'm so jealous!

Magda Marques
Debbie Brown is a very talented person, who can inspire all the cake designer of all world. Because of her, many of us have started this art!

Sue Cheeseman
Debbie Brown = Queen of cakes;, the original Icing Queen; Pure Talent; Teaches from the Heart. Love you loads xxxx

Mota Corsi
She is the best teacher...came all the way from US to take her fabulous workshops...

Ideias Deliciosas Ba
Debbie Brown is a lady with, a big ...big heart! She gives to us the best.

Min Chan
Debbie Brown is inspiring, talented and so generous with her knowledge. I am totally indebted to Debbie for bringing out the sugar artist in me!

Paula Figueiredo
Debbie Brown is THE Cake Designer. Her talent, imagination and attention to perfect detail are my best source of inspiration when it comes to designing a cake. ;)

Christine Hamilton
Fantastic, imaginative cakes which even a novice dare attempt with Debbie's clear, illustrated instructions in her books. A delightful person, Debbie is so generous in passing her expertise onto others. If you haven't bought one of her books yet ..... what are you waiting for ? Buy one today .... and you'll be hooked on cake decorating for life !

Elaine Philyaw
I have almost every one of Debbie's books and use them frequently. She is an amazing teacher and her cakes are fun to make! Anyone with a basic understanding of cake decorating can take their skills to the next level with her books! This is a book that will not sit unopened on your bookshelves.

Elizabeth Solaru

Bev Stimpson
Debbie's workshops are such fun. I always go home with a masterpiece, loads of ideas, hints and tips. Debbie uses minimal equipment with maximum effect and teaches you from basic to expert in a day!

Joceline Pappaterra
You're unique.

Sugar Shack
You are truly an amazing person, I wish you all the best because you deserve the best ♥

Sue Jameson
We bow down before you ! x Not only supremely talented but such a lovely person too! How lucky are we?

Karen Kelly
A lovely person who designs lovely cakes x

Rhonda Mills-Bull
Debbie is an amazingly talented cake decorator, author & teacher extraordinaire. Her books are like having a personal lesson with Debbie & she makes sure everyone can understand her instructions. I'm a novice at cake decorating and Thank Goodness I have her and her books to inspire and teach me. She stretches my imagination.

Sugar Shack
Debbie Brown inspire me with all her work, she is the master of cakes and her books are most have to all cake decorators who really wants to learn step by step cake instructions, she give things in details and without her books I can never go wrong. She is truly my inspiration.

Daniele Ripley
I love your work and is great inspiration for me everyday! You're a truly genius cake artist!!

Carol Gray
Debbie creates wonderful cakes that are an inspiration to all hobbyists & professionals alike.

Debbie Williams
Truly inspirational cake decorator, with an amazing imagination. To be able to put your ideas in a book for us all to enjoy is such a talent! x x

Deby Dillon
Youre my muse! Im totally in love with your work!

Jackie Mcallister Smith
Love Debbie Brown`s fabulous Cakes, her books are very informative with great step by step guides......A must have for any budding baker!

Joanne Howson
Debbie Brown is a complete inspiration to all sugarcrafters. From novice to advanced her work appeals to absolutely everyone! :)

Sonia Diaz
Debbie your work is really beautiful and inspiring!

Ginger Chumley Franklin
Love, love, love your work!!! ♥

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